This Road Leads to Nowhere: Pierre Punk. Last Chance Press and Jap Sam Books. 254-page field book and 7” vinyl record.

This Road Leads to Nowhere: Pierre Punk brings together notes, lyrics, posters, and personal  reflections from a music scene that flourished in small-town South Dakota from the early 90’s through 2010. Merging the tradition of DIY punk publications and regional travel guides, the book sings an unsung hymn of American underground culture. This Road Leads to Nowhere includes writings and images from Pierre community members, musicians who traveled through and played in the town, and kindred spirits from similar scenes further afield.

“We didn’t dress the same. We didn’t like all the same music. We didn’t know all the same people. But if you’re a freak in a fearful hick town where no freaks are welcome, you keep ties. You meet anyone who doesn’t t the mold, and you keep them on your radar. Or else you just fall off. You need somebody to be nobody with. “

Edited by Josh Garrett-Davis

This Road Leads to Nowhere: Pierre Punk 7” Vinyl Record
A side: release fall 2017
B side: release fall 2017

Available for purchase in mercantile