The Feed Store. Byers, Colorado. Building materials, social project. 2011–2017.

The Feed Store is the base of operations for the M12 Collective. Once a bank, post office, grocery store, and feed and ranch supply shop, the 4,000-square-foot building serves as the M12 office, studio, workshop, and an experimental space for rural cultural activities. The importance of The Feed Store lies in its presence in small-town America, serving as a transcultural hub of disparate people and activities. To date, The Feed Store has hosted over 200 artists, writers, researchers, and students; and offered events for the regional public including exhibitions, performances, potlucks, concerts, and readings. The building and its use was designed and renovated in collaboration with the Art & Rural Environments Field School at the University of Colorado, Boulder. At last check The Feed Store had tracked over 1000 visitors, was home to 20+ exhibitions, 15+ on-site projects in the region, and the proving grounds for 8 pressed records, 6 published books, and 4 collaborative summits.