The Black Hornet. I-76 Speedway, Fort Morgan, Colorado. Dirt track racecar and environment.

From 2009 to 2013, the M12 Collective partnered with the Hall family racing team in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Together, we created The Black Hornet, a dirt track racecar as an artwork—one that in addition to being a legitimate race car operates as a connective object, threading art as performance event and participatory social action. The work awakens discussions including how viewers might encounter cultural exchange at a country dirt track, far outside the city, far from any art institution. This project mobilizes collective knowledge in the broader urban/rural sphere, and highlights M12’s “connective aesthetic” attitude and methodology—taking the art object past its basic level and insisting on its role to be one of a catalyst for cultural discourse—a discourse generated through participation and collective movement. Humble, and yet slightly subversive, the M12 dirt-track racecar set a new pace for forms of cultural expression in rural space. The M12/Hall family collaboration reveals the importance of intergenerational knowledge, gives value to notions of rural family and community, and sustains cultural livelihood beyond the metropolis. In 2014 an exhibition of the material from the project was exhibited at the Galleries of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs, Colorado. An accompanying documentary video was also created.