Last Chance Module Array. Last Chance, Colorado. (Modules No. 4, 5). With Onix Architects, Groningen, the Netherlands. 2015-2016.

The Last Chance Module Array is composed of the 4th and 5th renditions of the Prairie Module series. In this project the cube forms are expanded to create a crosshatched visual field. The work has many points of perspective and is a quiet complex for experiencing the subtlety of the site. This work is much like a ghost structure - something akin to what Robert Smithson referred to as a “ruin in reverse.” The forms are reminiscent of rural timber frame structures and pole barns. The timbers have been finished with a wood burning technique known as Shao Sugi Ban, a technique that burns the cedar in order to make the material durable. The piece is a meditation on the current position of the built landscape on the American high plains. It questions our current relationship with the landscape, both built and natural, positive and negative. The work celebrates openness and appreciation for the landscape, lining up with horizon lines and celestial phenomena. Each solstice, the sun sets and rises in the center of the main module structure. This work also is an acknowledgment of a complex and often unexamined relationship with the land, and in the end perhaps serves as a love song to the agricultural Plains that we have known over the past century.