Open Space. Yuma and Washington County, CO

Open Space is a flexible and transformative space that attempts to link social and natural environments. Designed and built in collaboration with two University of Colorado art students (Derek Grubaugh and Lindsay Kotovsky), and Vincent Family Farms, Open Space has been developed to support creative activities and experiential events that focus on people and the rural landscape. Sited in a wheat field in Eastern Colorado this contemplative environment invites visitors to focus on place and connect with ones sensory experiences of the cycle of farming. The wooden platform was built using the remnants from Yuma County’s original rodeo arena, and is designed to “lift” the 24-foot geodesic dome to the height of a fully-grown stock of wheat. As wheat around the structure matures, the built components seem to gently float on the top of the vast High-Plains landscape. Open Space has been moved from its location on the Yuma and Washington County line and will be reinstalled in Last Chance, Colorado next year.

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