M12 is an award-winning interdisciplinary group of artists, researchers, and writers based in Colorado. The ever-evolving collective creates context-based art works, research projects, and education initiatives. The studio is primarily known for projects that explore the aesthetics of rural cultures and landscapes. Centered around context and place, M12 blends multiple fields through their connective aesthetic methodology. The studio allows locational research, design, gathering of information, and construction to merge, creating a layered collection of artworks, images, publications, and artifacts. The M12 group publishes works through Last Chance Press, an in-house independent press, and Jap Sam Books in The Netherlands.


M12 is currently Peter de Kan, Matthew Fluharty, Josh Garrett-Davis, Margo Handwerker, Kris Harzinski, Jamie Horter, Stuart Hyatt, Marc McCay, George Perez, Mary Rothlisberger, Chris Sauter, Richard Saxton, Jared Walters, and David Wyrick.