The M12 Collective is known for groundbreaking and award-winning creative projects that explore the aesthetics of rural cultures and landscapes.

M12 is an interdisciplinary group based in Colorado on the American High Plains that create context-based art works, research projects, and education programs. Working in the fields of art and design, we favor projects that are centered in rural areas and which can be developed through dialogical and collaborative approaches. Our projects explore community identity and the value of often under-represented rural communities and their surrounding landscapes. We strive to be stewards of effective local and global creative problem solving, and a community resource for evolutionary thinking and innovative communication. We have a holistic organizational philosophy that fuses creative practice, cultural institutionality, and education.

The M12 Collective has been featured widely nationally and internationally including recent exhibitions and commissioned works appearing at The 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale; The Kalmar Konstmuseum in Sweden; The Chicago Cultural Center; Franklin Street Works; Wormfarm Institute; The 2011 Australian Biennial (SPACED); The 2010 Biennial of the Americas; The Center for Land Use Interpretation; The Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture at the University of Tennessee; The Kohler Arts Center; The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore; Wall House #2 in the Netherlands, and The Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin.

M12 is organized and operated by:
Josh Garrett-Davis
Matthew Fluharty
Margo Handwerker
Kris Harzinski
Richard Saxton
Kirsten Stoltz
Jared Walters
Stuart Hyatt
David Wyrick

Peter de Kan
Nancy Kwon
Basil Schur
Valerie Albicker
Bill Rumley
Zach Boddicker
Brian Cook
Alvin Gregorio